Carpet Serve puts our customers first

Carpet Serve provide high-quality, low-cost flooring to homes and businesses across the UK. In the West of Scotland, where we’re based, we also offer an efficient, cost-effective, professional and friendly installation service to households and to businesses.

Carpet Serve is all about delivering attractive, sturdy, high-quality, and durable flooring to our customers. We want to be the benchmark by which all other flooring companies are measured and you’ll find that the company director, Nadeem, and his team won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied with the company and its products.

We’re always looking for ways to improve what we do. Nadeem and the team are in regular touch with existing clients to find out what more Carpet Serve can do to improve the customer experience. Whatever you want, we will do our absolute best to make sure you get it.

We have a service charter here at Carpet Serve. What that does is set out exactly the type of company we want to be and how we behave towards you, our customers.

You know how you want your space to look and feel

It’s our job to make the dream you have for your home or your workplace, whether it’s carpets, laminate flooring, wood flooring, artificial grass, vinyl flooring or underlays, a vision.

Ordering over the internet is great but when, it comes to carpets, there’s always that worry in the back of your mind that you might not be selecting the right colour or the right quality. To counter this, Carpet Serve’s Free Sampling Service delivers samples of up to 4 of our carpet range – giving you the opportunity to make your carpet selection right before you make it real.

Our Flooring Consultants have a natural passion for transforming a customer’s vision into a reality. Whether it be a chat over the phone or an in-home consultation, our Flooring Consultant will work with you to understand your requirements with great precision – allowing us to deliver the tailored solutions that you desire.

Whether it be a renovation of your living space, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or work space, we love being a part of this journey with our consumers.

Installations overseen by our experienced MD, Nadeem

We might be low on price but Nadeem, our MD, is insistent on quality for every single customer whose home or business premises we install in.

Our team of dedicated Flooring Consultants and Fitters pride themselves on utilising their experience, training and pursuit for perfection at all appointments.

Our fitters – neat, tidy, and quiet

If you have workmen around at your home, it feels like your home is not your own sometimes. There’s noise, there’s dust, and there’s lots of movement going on in the space where you live or work.

We want to do the work when it fits into your life. Let’s talk about the dates and the times that work best for you. When we’re there to give you our estimate, we’ll lay out in detail the work that needs to be done and how long we think it will take us to do it. Just to let you know, for nearly every customer, we work exactly to the timescale we set out.

When the work is complete, we ask you to thoroughly inspect it to make sure that you’re satisfied and happy with everything we’ve done. If something’s not right, please tell us straight away and we’ll get started on it straight away.

Once you’ve signed off your installation, we begin a thorough clean up. That’s important to us – you want to enjoy your new flooring straight away and cleaning up after us will get in the way of that.

Lowest price guaranteed

Carpet Serve keep it simple – no-one sells you or installs your flooring at prices lower than ours.

If you’ve got a great quote from a competitor for either domestic/commercial flooring supply and/or installation, just send it over. We’re absolutely certain we can beat it and there’ll be no sacrifice in quality.

How to measure around your home

Carpet Serve is here to save you money. That’s what we’re in the business of doing. So, it’s important that you order just the right amount of floor covering so you’re not left with too much or too little.

Measuring a standard room

Start by finding out the length and the width of your room if your room is either square or rectangular. Make sure you measure at the widest points including doorway areas, fireplaces, alcoves, and chimney breasts. Once you have both figures, multiply them together to find out the square footage of floor material needed.

Measuring stairs and steps

Measure the height and the depth on one step – that’s the length that you need to go up and over the step. Then multiply that by the number of steps you have on your stairs. Be careful to make sure that the steps are all the same size and make slight adjustments for those which are different.

For winding or corner stairs, there are normally three winder steps you have to account for. Measure the length of the step and the width of the winder step at its widest part (for example, the edge of the step, the middle of the step, or the back of the step depending on how your stairs have been fitted).

If you have a curved last step on a staircase, measure the length of the last step like you have with the straight steps. Wrap a tape measure around the whole curve of the step to find out the exact measurement you need to work out the amount of carpet you need to buy.

Measuring hallways and landings

For your landing, the measurement will need to record the top step of the stairs as well as the landing. This allows the carpet to go over the top step and fit easily onto the stairs. Once you’ve done that, measure the width and the length of your landing and multiply the two numbers together to work out the amount of carpet you need.

For your hallway, take into account any recesses or alcoves, measure the width and the length, and then times those two figures together to get the square meterage you require.

Please call for a free, no-obligation quote on 0800 023 5700

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